The Corsican clementine

A heavenly treat...

The clementine was born from a cross-pollination that occurred naturally between mandarin and orange tree flowers. It arrived here in Corsica from the other side of the Mediterranean where it was first discovered hundreds of years ago growing in the grounds of an orphanage near Oran in Algeria. It took its name from Father Clement, who first discovered it.

The Corsican clementine is the only clementine grown in France. It is mainly grown in the east of the island. Harvesting generally runs from October to January. However, not all varieties ripen at the same time: the Caffin ripens early, the common SRA variety and Oraval in mid-season, and the Nules later on.

The Corsican clementine has been granted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status providing a guarantee of its quality, provenance and freshness. This Europe-wide accreditation also serves to ensure protection of origin, reinforcing the message that the attributes of the Corsican clementine are derived exclusively from the island's soil and the expertise of its agriculture.

The fine and shiny skin of the Corsican clementine gains its colour through ripening naturally on trees without any artificial enhancement.  However, at the start of the season, the fruit can actually be ripe whilst appearing partially green at the base. This is because the skin gains its orange pigmentation from the cold. It is harvested by hand with its leaves still attached. PGI-approved producers use environmentally-friendly farming methods.

Rich in vitamins and trace minerals, this delicately tangy, succulent fruit will inject rays of sunshine into the heart of your winter!

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Les Saveurs de Jeanne

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