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Véronique LEONI

A casa di a Castagna

Candied chestnuts - Jams

Visits : All year round by appointment

Regions : Sartinesi Valincu Taravu

Categories : Around orchards and vegetable gardens, Honey, Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree

Agricultural sectors : Corsican chestnut flour, Corsican honey, Corsican fruit and vegetables

20173 Zevaco
  04 95 24 47 63 |

Between harvesting and making the flour, chestnuts no longer held any secrets from Véronique Le-oni, a chestnut grower in Zévaco. But she still felt the desire to develop and boost her production efforts. “While having a discussion with two other chestnut growers, we went over the possibility of making Corsican candied chestnuts.”

No sooner said than (almost) done! Following training to learn about the whole process of making precious confectionery, Véronique set off on her adventure and created the Dolci Corsi brand. “The plan was to combine our production efforts under the same brand to give our approach improved vis-ibility and a better overall impact,” explains Véronique.

Two decades later, the three chestnut grow-ers’ gamble has definitely paid off, as the reputation of Dolci Corsi candied chestnuts is well and truly established. Despite their success, Véronique still wants to retain an artisanal approach. “I enjoy being in control of the whole production process. I could definitely do more, but I prefer to continue to do well,” she emphasises. Véronique has, however, had to diversify her product range in order to satisfy custom-ers.

“Alongside our chestnut jam, we also make speciality brandy-infused candied chestnuts and homemade clementine, citron, and fig jams. This allows me to provide a broader range of products to my customers.” Something for all of the foodies from Taravu and beyond.

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