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AOP chestnut flour - Rural holidays cottage

Visits : By appointment.
Point of sale in Corté shared with other producers.

Regions : Casinca - Castagniccia - Costa Verde

Categories : Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree, Restaurants & guest houses, farm & cottage holidays

Agricultural sectors : Corsican chestnut flour

Hameau de Loriani
20244 Cambia
  06 11 09 93 43

Loriani is a hamlet in Cambia, a pretty village in Castagniccia that nestles at the foot of Mount San Pedrone, with a 16th-century church, the ruins of a medieval castle and a prehistoric site.

It was here that Stéphane Guerrini realised his childhood dream of returning to the village of his birth to indulge his passion – chestnuts!  It was the dream of a boy who grew up in Castagniccia at a time when each village had at least one chestnut mill and where each family produced its own flour.

More than 30 years later, his 50 acres of chestnut trees, carefully grown and looked after, have turned Stéphane into one of the most important producers of AOP (protected designation of origin) and certified organic Corsican chestnut flour in the region.

Work starts every year in September, when the trees are cleaned and chestnuts harvested by hand, then dried,  threshed and ground (depending on the year, the mill can turn day and night), before being packaged. 

It’s this typical know-how, carried out using ancestral methods without any chemical treatment, which gives this fine, subtle flour its distinctive flavour

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