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Pasquin FLORI et Jean-Yves ACQUAVIVA

Gaec Sativa

Organic/PDO Chestnut Flour – Sheep rearing

Visits : May – September (booking required) / Tour: €5 per person.

Regions : Centru di Corsica

Categories : Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree

Agricultural sectors : Corsican chestnut flour

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Farine de Châtaigne AOP

20224 Lozzi
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It started out with the story of two children from the same village, who shared a mutual love for the local Niulinche mountains. “We were a few years apart in age, but we played in the same places and forged the same memories of being free and happy up there,” remembers Jean-Yves Acquaviva. Later on, destiny would reconnect the two in a university lecture hall: “Pasquin had some land and some chestnut groves in the village, and we both wanted to go back and do something with them,” continues Jean-Yves. “We started by making a few kilos of flour just for fun, before we finally gave in to the desire to take it further and really build something with what we had.”

Since then, the pair have put their hearts and souls into building an exemplary farming business, perfectly balancing modernity with the practice of a traditional, ancestral occupation. At the foot of Corsica’s highest peak, their chestnut grove seems almost like a homage to a tree whose image is forged in the memory of every islander. The pair are ardent defenders and promoters of Corsican “castanéiculture” (traditional chestnut farming), and are proof that the mountain has more to offer than breathtaking scenery – its landscapes are also rich and generous to those who choose to live and prosper there. That said, even the mountain’s most precious gifts still require a little refinement before they can be sold: “No matter how hard we work, there’s always something that needs to be done,” Pasquin Flori says cheerfully.

A self-fulfilling conviction  that will certainly bring success!.